1. All charges are payable in advance.

2. All traffic fines are the hire’s / driver’s responsibility.

3. To extend the rental period, hirer/driver needs to contact Cosmos Car Rental the earliest possible (48 hours notice is preferable). We will be happy to accommodate your request if possible.

4. No money can be refunded in any event after signature of this contract.

5. In case of accident hirer/driver must:
a) Notify the police and owner immediately.
b) Not remove the car without the owner’s consent or police instructions.
c) Notify owner of extend of damages and losses.

6. C.D.W COLLISION DAMAGE WAIVER: Full insurance with excess according to car category reduces the render liability for damage to our vehicles (excess is paid as a deposit). If, according to police or insurance, the accident is not hirer/driver’s responsibility no amount is to be paid.
-Group A-B    excess  250 euro
-Group C        excess  300 euro
-Group D        excess  400 euro
-Group E        excess  500 euro
-Group F        excess  750 euro

7. S.C.D.W SUPER COLLISION DAMAGE WAIVER: Full insurance with excess reduction.
-Group A-B-C excess  100 euro
-Group D-E    excess   150 euro
-Group F-G    excess   250 euro
-Group H        excess   350 euro

8. Tyres and Windscreen are not included in any insurance. Any damage is hirer/driver’s responsibility unless “Tyres and Windscreen” insurance is purchased. In that case, customer has zero excess on tyres and windscreen.

9. Underbody, windows and side mirrors are not covered by any insurance.

10.The hirer/driver agrees:
a) Not to permit any other person to drive the Car unless he obtains owner’s written consent.
b) That no person with physical, mental, vision or hearing defects will be permitted to drive the Car.
c) That the Car will not be used, on NON ASPHALTED ROADS to propel or tow any other vehicle, for racing, for speed testing, to carry passengers or goods for reward, outside Cyprus or in the Turkish occupied areas or for any illegal purposes.
d) Not to drive the Car on flat tyres. In such a case all damages are his responsibility.

11. The hirer/driver agrees to drive the Car with caution and care all times. If hirer/driver drives the Car with negligence all insurances stop covering him and all damages cost on Car are his responsibility.

12. The owner has the right to terminate this contract and take possession of the Car at any time if in his absolute discretion he thinks that the hired Car is not handled the proper way.

13. Drivers must be over 25 years old and under 75.
For over 75 years old can be provided extra insurances for the sum of 5 euro per day.

14. No person can hire a Car if he’s less than 25 years old unless:
a) He holds a valid licence for more than 3 years and
b) Special arrangements have been made for extra insurance cover.
c) The excess its double for all Groups.

15. If the Car is not delivered by the hirer on the agreed date, time and place the owner has the right to take possesion of the Car by means. If he is unable to do so he is entitled to declare the Car stolen, cancel all insurances and report to the police.

16. In case of accident and it’s customers fault  A.S.T.AEOLIAN STRATEGY TARGET L.T.D. ( Cosmos Car Rental )  bares no commitment to change or replace the Car. No refund to be made. Customer has to pay for their own transportation from the scene of the accident.

17.All vehicles are not allowed to drive off road and to the Akamas Area. If you do the excess amount will be charged and all damages will be paid in case of accident and customer has to pay for their own transportation from the scene of the accident.

18. By signing the contract customer gives permission to A.S.T.AEOLIAN STRATEGY TARGET L.T.D. ( Cosmos Car Rental ) to use GPS Tracking Devices. Cars are supported with GPS Tracking devices so we can track live all routes. Data will only be used for company’s purposes.